Paul Foti

I was born in the North end of Boston, Massachusetts, but raised in Glendora CA.

I started playing bass while in high school, and within a few years, started playing professionally, eventually making it a full time career, working in Las Vegas, Reno and Lake Tahoe, as well as touring the country with national acts and performing aboard many cruise ships, around the world.

One of those ships brought me to Kauaʻi in 2006. I liked what I saw and jumped ship. The rest, is history…

I’ve also worked as a production artist and graphic designer, over the years and still dabble in the field on occasion.

As making a steady living in the arts has its challenges, I’ve found many creative ways to supplement my musical income over the years.

Salvage diving became my ‘go to’ whenever music income would drop off. For many years I worked at golf courses across the western states and Kauaʻi, retrieving golf balls, in lakes ponds and water hazards, raising many thousands of Golf balls from the murky depths. My business was called “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Tee”. It was a dangerous and dirty job, but it kept that roof over my head for years.

I started working on SHAKA radio in 2022. And also at Kilohana Plantation as a tour guide and train conductor, telling bad jokes to a captive audience. And I still work as a musician here on Kauaʻi, performing regularly with many groups around the island.

Kauaʻi is now my home, and I’ve been more than fortunate to have been blessed with an amazingly wonderful life!


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